ZzzSee Orthokeratology, Myopia and the Case of Overnight Vision Correction

Let’s begin with “Myopia.” Exactly what is it? Myopia is the medical term for “nearsightedness,” a condition affecting nearly three million Americans each year, in which a refractive error of the cornea hinders light from bending properly, making objects far away appear blurry. In recent decades, the worldwide incidence of Myopia is increasing rapidly and is considered by many to be an epidemic (https://www.paragonvision.com/the-myopia-epidemic/). Research has demonstrated there are things we can do to slow the progression of myopia. We recommend children spending a minimum of 3 hours per day doing outdoor activities and an anti-oxidant rich diet including supplements. Additionally, Orthokeratology (OrthoK) has been shown in multiple studies to have at least a 50% slowing effect on myopic progression. While this condition is technically chronic, recent advancements in the eye industry have made it possible for those with low Myopia to temporarily correct their vision. Here at InVision, we refer to this process as ZzzSee.

ZzzSee Orthokeratology — What is It?

Ortho-K (short for Orthokeratology) is a non-surgical solution for patients with myopia (nearsightedness) that uses a custom designed process, called ZzzSee. When the shaping lenses are worn overnight, the ZzzSee process works to gently correct the curvature of the cornea. When removed in the morning, distant objects will come back into focus and patients can see clearly without the use of glasses or daytime contacts..The ZzzSee process focuses primarily on slowing the progression of mild Myopia in adults and children. ZzzSee may also aid in the temporary correction of low-degree astigmatism, hyperopia, and presbyopia.

The ZzzSee Process

ZzzSee is a four-step process, with each step playing a critical role for optimal results:

  1. The initial examination, where your optometrist or ophthalmologist will use a Topograph to determine the refractive error and shape of the cornea.
  2. The fitting, which may begin on the same day, uses CAD software to create a shaping lens specifically designed for each individual eye.
  3. The one-to-two-week treatment phase where candidates put the ZzzSee process to work. During this phase, your vision will continue to improve while sleeping for at least 6-8 consecutive hours each night.
  4. The performance of the shaping lenses and the health of the cornea continue to be monitored every 6 months.

Candidates may wear disposable soft lenses or glasses throughout the day during the correction phase, if needed. On completion of the ZzzSee process, only the prescribed overnight lenses need to be worn. Occasionally, candidates experience mild glare and haloes around bright light. Remember, there is always the risk of infection without proper eye and lens care, so practice good hygiene and return for all of your scheduled visits!

Why Choose ZzzSee?

For those with mild or moderate Myopia, the ZzzSee process is a great option, especially for sports-related activities or when working in environments containing debris or dust. In addition, the fast, painless and safe process makes ZzzSee a practical solution for children who have Myopia.

How Costly is the ZzzSee Process?

Most insurances do not cover the cost of Ortho-k. Costs will vary depending on your unique prescription. The ZzzSee process and appointment package can range anywhere from $1250-$2250.

Am I a Candidate?

The best candidates for our ZzzSee treatment process  are children between the ages of 8 and 12 who have progressive Myopia. If early stages of nearsightedness are caught soon enough, the ZzzSee process canminimize the lifelong effects of myopia. The ZzzSee process also works well with adolescents and adults with mild or moderate Myopia. It serves as a non-surgical vision correction alternative to LASIK or refractive surgery.

Ask Your Doctor

If you have questions about Ortho-k or the ZzzSee process in its entirety, don’t hesitate to call our office at 801-495-2020 and schedule a free consultation. Our panel of Doctors will be able to help you determine your candidacy, costs, benefits, or any risks of the process.